Before the NFL was introduced to the all time receiving greats like Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, Steve Largent and Don Maynard a man by the name of Raymond Berry was the prototypical wide receiver. Paired with the great Johnny Unitas for much of his career Raymond Berry played a pivotal role in not only revolutionizing the passing game but the NFL as well. The Raymond Berry story is a favorite of many NFL fans because it is a story that features a player that nobody ever really expected to make it it in the NFL, a player that spent his career beating the odds and a player who through sheer determination and will did what most thought impossible. Today, it is unlikely that a guy like Raymond Berry would ever get a chance in the NFL, considering that one leg was shorter than the other and the fact that he didn’t do much in college to draw attention of scouts.

Raymond Berry’s college career at Southern Methodist University were really just a continuation of his days in high school. Despite the fact that berry’s dad was the coach of the local high school football team Berry did not make his first start until his senior season and even then passes thrown his way were few and far between. In three seasons at SMU Raymond Berry would catch only 33 passes total, rather low even for the era’s run focused teams. Despite a lackluster college performance Raymond Berry still decided to take his chances in the NFL.

Entering the NFL in the era of the 13 team thirty round draft Raymond Berry was selected by the Baltimore Colts