The 1996 NFL draft will go down in history as one of the best drafts ever for for the wide receiver position; 6 Pro Bowl receivers came out of the first three rounds alone and another 4-5 receivers had great careers in the NFL. While third round pick Terrell Owens may be the best receiver to come out of the 96′ draft wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson may have been able to claim that title had he spent more years in the league.

Keyshawn Johnson is typically viewed as a product of USC, which is known for recruiting and developing elite NFL talent, but in fact the future star wide receiver got his start at West Los Angeles College where he spent the first two years of his collegiate career. After his sophomore year Johnson transferred to to the University of Southern California where he would spend the next two seasons, earning All-American status both years and helping to lead the USC Trojans to a victory in the 1995 Cotton Bowl and the 1996 Rose Bowl. It was during the 1996 Rose Bowl that Keyshawn Johnson came up with a record 216 receiving yards on 12 catches, solidifying his status as one of the top receivers heading into the 1996 draft. Although Keyshawn Johnson was hign on many draft boards analysts were unsure of where exactly he would be picked, some speculated he could fall out of the top ten while others had him slated as a guaranteed top 3 pick. On draft day Keyshawn Johnson didn’t have to wait long at all before hearing his name called as the Jets took him with the first overall pick. Number 1